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Runic Knights is an online strategy game with a fight and trading system. You are able to create your own city, trade with other runic knights and especially fight other knights to gain experience and honor.


War and death have overcome the country of Urune. The power of the runes have been underestimated and misused for many years.
But now it is time to build up a new city, strengthen your army and trade with other people to get your empire larger and mightier than anyone else in Urune.

Use your trading skills, rise your empire and fight with your Runic Knight against the enemies to be …

… back as the emporer of Urune!


a) First Steps

If you haven't registered yet you have to create an new account by clicking on „Register“.
Then fill out your username and define a password.
If the username already exists you have to change it to another one.

If you already have an account then login to your account.

If all the data is correct you will be directed to the start screen.

b) Interface

The interface is devided into three areas.

The top left area shows the information about the user you are logged in and your town coordinates. It also show the information about your character level, actual energy status, luck and crit rate, avaiable resources and the xp progress at your current character level.

The top right area shows the information on which server you are logged in (there will be a limit for players per server and hardcore servers are in planning).

In the large area in the middle you can first see the map of Urune.

c) Map

While you move across the map, you can explore it. The fields on the map have 4 different attunements: desert, woodland, grassland and swamp.

Every field can be explored exactly, when you stand on it. The exactly explored fields have different sizes. On this fields you can find resources or trigger combats against NPC's. Sometimes you can find also better runes.

d) Town

In your town you may choose between several buildings which need a certain amount of resources to be built. Each of them produces materials with a certain amount per hour or help to convert or improve your runes.

- Buildings

The following buildings are available:

Building typs
Lumbermill Quarry
Iron mine Silver mine
Gold mine Obsidian mine
Alchemist Manashrine
Runestone Tavern
Temple Marketplace

Depending on the building type, the building can be upgraded different times.

Details of the Buildings

e) Trade

There are six materials you can trade with:

Wood Stone Metal Silver Gold Obsidian

You need each of them for certain buildings in your city.
Your luck percentage (shown in your stats window on the top left) increases the chance to get more materials from trading.

To initiate a trade click on your trading partner who must be only one square away from your position on the map.

f) Leaderboard

Um sich mit anderen Spielern zu vergleichen, kann man in der Bestenliste nachsehen, welche Spieler auf dem Server die besten sind.

The ladder shows:

Title Description
Master of Experience gibt die Spieler mit der meisten Erfahrung an
Master of the Arena gibt die besten Kämpfer gegen andere Spieler an
Master of Exploration zeigt die Spieler mit den meisten Bewegungen auf der Karte an
Master of Construction zeigt die Spieler mit den meisten Gebäuden
Master of the Combat gibt die besten Kämpfer an
Master of the Investigation zeigt die Spieler mit den meisten Bewegungen im Untergrund an


a) Runes

The core part of the fight system contains of the powerful fight runes.

You have 5 basic damage classes and 5 advanced damage classes:

Basis classes Advanced classes
fire death
water poison
air bleeding
earth disease
physical holy

Defense stats are treated in the same classes like attack.

Each of those classes are available in 5 categories:

Shortcut Category Description
runic-knights.net_dev_img_quality_common.jpg common rune standard rune
runic-knights.net_dev_img_quality_uncommon.jpg uncommon rune more powerful rune with at least 5 different stats
runic-knights.net_dev_img_quality_rare.jpg rare rune your opponents won't dare to fight against rare runic power
runic-knights.net_dev_img_quality_exotic.jpg exotic rune most powerful rune in runic knight, your opponent will tremble in fear
runic-knights.net_dev_img_quality_legendary.jpg legendary rune no one can stand against this legendary rune power

If you click on any rune in your inventory you will get a detailled view for your chosen rune.
In this view you can see any stats of your rune.

Stat Description
rune level 1 - 3 available
class rune class
attunement basic attunement
type rune type
mana costs mana costs per round
round limitation maximum number of rounds you can use this rune during one whole fight
attack stats damage your creature is doing
defense stats damage your creature is avoiding
nemesis arch enemy

b) Begin to Fight

There are 2 opportunities to initiate a runic fight:

1. Fight your enemies who are only one sqare away from your actual position on the map.
2. Choose a random fight to challenge your enemy via the „Arena“-button.

The initiator has to chose the number of rounds first. Available are 1, 3, 5 and 7 rounds. The opponent has to accept the number of rounds or to suggest a number of rounds he would prefer.


There are several achievements in Runic Knights.

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